Looking for airplay?

If you'd like to submit your music to Acoustic Eclectic for airplay consideration, here's what you need to know first:

  1. I've been passionately producing Acoustic Eclectic since 1996, but it is not my day job. It is a volunteer endeavor – something that I choose to do with my free time. I must still devote most of my energies towards paying gigs (see folkdude.com).

  2. I receive much more music than I can possibly play on the air. I do try to give an honest listen to every CD that I receive, but it sometimes takes me a while to get to them all.

  3. There is no need to contact me first to ask permission to send a CD. I'm much too nice of a guy to say no. All I ask is that you read these guidelines before sending me something.

  1. Do make sure that your music is appropriate for the program. Browse around the Playlist Archive to see what's been getting airplay lately. Do you sincerely think that your music will fit in?

  2. Do make sure that any songs with potentially offensive language are clearly marked as such.

  3. Do make sure that track numbers and track times are accurately indicated – and make sure that they're listed somewhere other than on the CD itself. I'll need to be able to read that information while the CD is in the player.

  4. If possible, include a "radio guide" with pronunciation tips, a few basic facts about the artist, and brief descriptions of each track on the CD (including any "hidden" or "bonus" tracks). Ideally, the radio guide should be printed onto a card that fits inside the CD case. Here's an example of an excellent radio guide.

  5. Do include your website address (What? You don't have a website? See folkdude.com).

  1. Don't send me works-in-progress, demo recordings, or advance copies of forthcoming releases. Send me finished products.

  2. Don't email me MP3 files or links to download them. Send an audio CD. That's what I'll need if I'm going to play your music on the air.

  3. Don't send me more than one or two sheets of paper. Anything that can't be folded up and put into the case with the CD is going into the trash. If I want to read your bio, reviews, or press releases, I'll go to your website (What? You don't have a website? See folkdude.com).

  4. Don't send your CD in a "slimline" case or spineless paper packaging. Those things essentially disappear when they get put onto a shelf with other CDs. I'll need a legible spine if I'm going to find your CD.

  5. Don't send me your entire back catalog of recordings. My listening time is limited. One artist recently sent me 12 CDs, all at once. I'm never going to listen to them all.

  6. Don't waste your money sending CDs via overnight delivery. I won't be impressed, and it will still take me at least a few days to get around to opening the package.

If You've Read This Far:

Then you're ready to send your CD to the address on the contact page. After a week or two, return to this site and search the playlist archive to see if it's gotten any airplay. If, after a few weeks, you haven't seen any airplay and you want to make sure that I've received your CD, feel free to email me and ask. Things do get lost in the mail sometimes.