Pavlov's Dawgs was a band that was formed in the late 1980's, then went through several personnel changes before calling it quits in the mid-1990's. In August of 1998, the band reunited for a performance at Musikfest, and also made a couple of radio appearances at that time before going their separate ways again. The 1998 Musikfest program described them as follows:
This Lehigh Valley bluegrass band sets itself apart from the rest of the pack with its daring musical forays into reggae, Celtic, pop, swing and jazzgrass, while maintaining a deep respect for its traditional bluegrass and folk roots. Dave Fry, Jesse Grim, Michael Beaky, Kris Kehr.
When the Dawgs played on George Graham's "Homegrown Music" program in August of 1998, these pictures were taken in the studios of WVIA-FM:

Left to right: George Graham, Dave Fry, Michael Beaky (seated), Kris Kehr, Jesse Grim

Left to right: Grim, Kehr, Fry, Beaky, Graham

Kris Kehr occasionally has some Pavlov's Dawgs
audio downloads available through his website at

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