Acoustic Eclectic
A weekly radio program presenting all kinds of acoustic music, with a particular focus on contemporary singer/songwriters and acoustic instrumental music, and featuring frequent in-studio performances and interviews with acoustic artists.
Otto Bost
Producer/Host Otto Bost
"The Folk Dude"
Mondays, 7:00 - 9:00 PM
88.1 and 93.9 WDIY-FM
Allentown, PA USA

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Dear friends,

December 26, 2005 marks the end of Acoustic Eclectic's tenth year on the air, and I have decided that I will not continue the program into an eleventh year. Changes in my personal and professional life have limited the amount of time and creative energy that I am able to devote to producing the program, and the time has come for me to step down.

For me, Acoustic Eclectic has been the adventure of a lifetime – an experience that I will always remember with pleasure and great pride. I am deeply grateful for this decade of opportunity that WDIY has given me, and for all of the new friends that I've made along the way.

Although I will no longer be producing Acoustic Eclectic, my involvement with WDIY will not end. I have expressed an interest in joining the WDIY news team, and they are welcoming me with open arms. I look forward to beginning a new adventure as I continue to indulge my love of broadcasting.

Many thanks to all of the artists whose recordings and live performances have made Acoustic Eclectic possible, and thanks to everyone who has ever tuned into the program and found some pleasure in listening. All of this has been for you.

Otto Bost

Otto was interviewed about the end of Acoustic Eclectic on page 2 of this newsletter.

Are you curious about Belfast Blues? For 10 years, this tune by Brooks Williams was used as the opening theme for Acoustic Eclectic. Click here to watch a video in which Brooks explains the origin of the piece, and performs it live during a March 2007 concert.